Speeding Up Special Ed Paperwork with GSuite

Event Date: 07/01/2020

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Event Time: 12:30 PM till 11:30 PM (Eastern) Registration Deadline: 06/30/2020
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A 6-week online course by Kara Guiff, Special Education Teacher/Blended Learning Teacher with 29 years of experience.  Tak 8 weeks to complete this self-paced course from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule.  Walk away with the power of efficiency with this course designed for special education teachers!  

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Week 1: Beginning of the Year Paperwork; Forms and Sheets w/ Add-ons

Week 2: Data Collection and Progress Monitoring; Forms and Sheets w/ Add-ons

Week 3: Week 2 continued + Reporting Progress; Forms and Sheets w/ Add-ons

Week 4: Getting What You Need; Gmail, Forms, Sheets, and more

Week 5: Ideas to Make IEP Writing Quicker; Google Keep plus other tools

Week 6: Determined by Class Needs; Attendees surveyed to determine what is needed

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Target Audience:

This 6 week course is intended for K-12 Special Education Teachers.  CLICK HERE to register

  • Easy to use systems for gathering, documentating, analyzing and reporting data to save you tie
  • Time-saving tips to use for writing IEP's
  • Access to samples
  • Create your own items for immediate implementation
Special Instructions:

This is a self-paced structured course through Google Classroom created by Kara Guiff, special education teacher/blended learning teacher at White's Jr/Sr Alternative High School with 29 years of teaching experience.  Check out GuiffGoodiesforEducation.com  

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Contact Information
Facilitator: Darlene Kennedy     Have Questions
Contact Information
Facilitator: Darlene Kennedy     Have Questions