DOK + SAMR = Engaging Instruction for ALL! Facilitator: Amber Harper

Event Date: 11/13/2019

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Event Time: 09:00 AM till 03:30 PM (Eastern) Registration Deadline: 11/06/2019
Seats Available: 50 (0 Registered) onSite Registration: 08:30 AM - 09:00 AM

This workshop provides an opportunity to learn how when you truly understand and use Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and technology infusion reflection practices (SAMR) into teaching, learning, and assessing, classrooms will begin to look, sound, and feel different. 

During this workshop, teachers find out how to use different Depth of Knowledge questions to assess true mastery of topics and standards; how to design lessons and tasks that provide opportunities for all learners to engage with content at their level; how to assess students’ engagement with technology; and how to make small tweaks to what they are already doing to change the level of understanding that happens in their daily classroom lessons and activities.


In this workshop, you’ll learn that SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition) is a model designed to help educators infuse technology into teaching and learning. Created by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, the model supports and enables teachers to design, develop, and infuse digital learning experiences that utilize technology. 

Target Audience:

Teachers and Principals

PGP Points: 6.00 Meal Provided: Yes
Event Location:
Christo's Banquet Center
830 Lincolnway E
Plymouth, IN 46563

P: (574) 935-9666
Event Held In: Conference Room
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ESC Member Price: $95.00 Non-Member Price: $190.00
Contact Information
Facilitator: Randy Zimmerly     Have Questions
Contact Information
Facilitator: Randy Zimmerly     Have Questions