Developing a Mathematical Mindset: K-5

Event Date: 02/07/2019

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Event Time: 09:00 AM till 03:30 PM (Eastern) Registration Deadline: 01/31/2019
Seats Available: 50 (0 Registered) onSite Registration: 08:30 AM - 09:00 AM

How do we get students to be math leaders?  How do we achieve a love of math in our students?  This session will focus on a mathematical growth mindset in the math classroom.  Strategies for creating mathematicians in our elementary classrooms will be explored.


Participants will:

  • Examine fixed vs. growth mindset.  
  • Explore how mindset can shift students' motivation.
  • Explore and understand the 4 components of mindset.
  • Understand the impact of praise and failure on mindsets.
  • Explore strategies and application of growth mindset in the math classroom.
Target Audience:

Teachers and  Instructional Coaches

PGP Points: 6.00 Meal Provided: Yes
Event Location:
Christo's Banquet Center
830 Lincolnway E
Plymouth, IN 46563

P: (574) 935-9666
Event Held In: Conference Room
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ESC Member Price: $95.00 Non-Member Price: $190.00
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Facilitator: Randy Zimmerly     Have Questions