Preparing for the Grade 10 E/LA ISTEP

Event Date: 10/04/2018

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Event Time: 09:00 AM till 03:30 PM (Eastern) Registration Deadline: 10/02/2018
Seats Available: 33 (17 Registered) onSite Registration: 08:30 AM - 09:00 AM

In this session, we will discuss why traditional test preparation doesn't work for next generation assessments, and we will address the solution to "why do students forget content once they get to ISTEP"  We will talk about how depth of knowledge and surface, deep and transferr learning take place and how we accomplish transfer learning.  Participants will walk away with research-based strategies that engae students in deep learning so they have a conceptual understanding of English/Language Arts.


Workshop Agenda:

Examine the strategies for surface, deep and transfer learning;

Engage in planning and developing lessons with depth of knowledge in mind;

Examine the research behind how we get students to retain and understand English/Language Arts and,

Engage in planning and implementing discourse in the classroom to reach deep learning

Target Audience:

Teachers of Grade 10 E/LA, Coaches, Administrators

PGP Points: 6.00 Meal Provided: Yes
Event Location:
Christo's Banquet Center
830 Lincolnway E
Plymouth, IN 46563

P: (574) 935-9666
Event Held In: Conference Room
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ESC Member Price: $95.00 Non-Member Price: $190.00
Contact Information
Facilitator: Ted Chittum     Have Questions
Contact Information
Facilitator: Ted Chittum     Have Questions